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10.03.2023 10:31
The farmland list waits person to nod Antworten

The black A soldier war horse dashes away, the headway of the fast disease officer way up.
Smoke and dust is billowing, officer way no matter the top is a merchant prince pedestrian, civilian as well or Ma Ze's robber, all all back a wayside, only and perhaps trouble to this black A soldier.
Fight a horse to dash away, set out in the morning, wait until the sun sting eye, Teng green mountain they already China plentiful city district, get into proper city inshore.
"Stop!"Teng green mountain one makes next.
"Lyu Lyu~~~"
The Xun l does black A soldier non-commissioned officers of having the vegetable to quickly stop bottom, at 1:00 all not disorderly, moreover five 100 men long immediately arrive to a Teng green mountain body side.
"All all adult ……" farmland list waits person to looking at a Teng green mountain.
"The elder brother of the farmland, here, I temporarily separate with you, I and green tiger he goes home first 1!But you, directly go proper city and have a meal to stop for rest, think that the necessarily proper city castellan has already readied to dishes to go with wine!Wait until an afternoon, I and green tiger, arrive to proper city again to concentrate with you, together set out when the time comes, return to river rather!"The Teng green mountain says.
The farmland list waits person to nod.
Come of time, the Teng green mountain wants to go home not to become, because up have white Qi all all, but now, the Teng green mountain is all all, the leader of this camp tallest person's horse, he says how do nature how do.
"Finally can go home."Teng green tiger exultation.
"This time go, old Du, farmland elder brother, you 4 lead good person's horse."The Teng green mountain entrusts a way.
"All all the adult trust."4 people all smiled.
The Teng green mountain is tiny to nod, immediately see toward the Teng of green tiger:"Green tiger, we walk!"At numerous non-commissioned officers at of situation, the Teng green mountain has to support all all dignity and shout a Teng green tiger, must also shout'green tiger', rather than cousin.
Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger 2 people drive a war horse to dash away, very quick disappear at inside black A soldier visual field scope.
"Let's also set out."The farmland list says.
The Du Hong nods, immediately clear voice way:"Set out!"
Right away this black A soldier's horse vastly and mightily enters hair, and then runs toward the proper city direction again half of two-hour period, black A soldier's horse finally arrived proper city.
On the proper castellan trunk highway, vastly and mightily the black A soldier goes forward, those peddler, businessman and the strangers all back to dare not offend these terrible non-commissioned officers in the side, but the wine shop in last time more road segment up, proper city castellan'Yang Ke'BE leading a group of under charges to greet black A soldier arrival.
"Castellan adult!New appointees in"have the man of knife Ba to be dressed in embroidered robe on a face, say with smile, " all all Teng green mountain, that is us proper city of, and with me relate to O.K.."
This person is exactly the white is Ma Bang Liu's three Yes, Liu San Ye be white Ma Bang greatly take charge of, also many the penny Yong permit of spirit.
Know Liu San Ye's record of events, who don't know white are three Ye meanses of Ma Bang Liu malicious hot?
"Ha ha, is to isn't that that Teng green mountain real strenght is too strong, your Liu San, just has intention to become friends with?"Whole body white the middle age man of the Shan ha ha say with smile, " however you control breath really quite good, this Teng green mountain just entered a black A soldier soon, became all generally, or believed in a lord to appoint in person.Believe in a lord to him, but privilege very much ……he is young to is all all now, hereafter settle is an unlimited future, you also have taste on the whole and hand over a friend like this."
This Liu's three Yes are full of smiles.
", The black A soldier arrived and walked, you also went and your good friend Teng green mountain see."This proper city castellan'Yang Ke'say with a smile, right away Liu San Ye together comes forward to greet with him.

Chapter 36 goes home
500 black A soldier non-commissioned officers vastly and mightily, tidy uniform, march forward on the main street of proper city.That heavy ferocious mien frightens around of civilian, the peddlers don't dare to make a noise.On the whole street only that"Da!""Da!""Da!"Of clop.But the proper city castellan lead a group of soldier Weis and far and far see and immediately greet up.
"Stop!"Du Hong one makes next.
The whole black A soldier is tidy uniform stop bottom.
"Dismount!"The Du Hong drinks a way, the one heavy AN iron slice bumps a shot voice, and 500 non-commissioned officers all without exception dismount.

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