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2 people touch a bowl and quaff in one gulp Antworten

After, several days' La month 30 this days is also a year fiesta this day.
On this day, Chuang jollification in the Teng house very, the persons of son in the whole Chuang all come together a food and drink, very happy.And divide in evening, there is a batch of youths in Chuang in the Teng house and also formally become adult.Then there is Teng green mountain among them.
In the evening, do Wu Chang to up and around order to catch fire a pair of, many clansmens all round a table piece's food and drink.
"Green mountain!Congratulate you on become adult, after, can can take a wife, give birth to a child, ha ha ……come, we the brothers a pair does one cup."The Teng green Hao raises big bowl of come over here, the Teng green mountain is also smiling to raise big bowl of:"Come, stem!"2 people touch a bowl and face upward later on, the one mouthful woulds be to drink cleanly.
"Each brothers."The big and strong man that side is dressed in black skin Ao looking at a Teng green mountain to wait a person and says with smile, " I must say a matter with everyone."
"Green tiger has what good matter?"A Teng surname is one clan youth, all looking at a Teng green tiger.
The Teng green tiger says with smile:"Do not have an accident, I am about to marry next year."
"Green tiger your boy, have already urged you, your boy is marrying."Teng green Hao not from smile to scold a way, after all the Teng green tiger celebrated the New Year fiesta, that is the foot is 22 years old.The 22-year-old man , in Chuang in the Teng house, almost married.
Once the Teng green mountain grasp Teng green tiger arm and drag along to one side and depress an orotund way, "cousin, how did you think?Are you not to say, wait disorderly bureau of proper city to quell, intend to return a dollar religion together with me?How to turn an eye and marry?"
"Green mountain.Gentleman in"the Teng green tiger says with smile, " certainly needs to go out to rush.However, married a daughter-in-law, joined that again to return a dollar religion to also have no a matter.Anyway when the time comes, wait me is returning a dollar religion to stand firm a heel, connect over there a daughter-in-law again!Before don't marry, that is to don't find out to worthy of a look, but this ……green mountain, your elder brother's wife she, I am one eye to have a liking for."

Chapter 37 tiger form absolute being!
"Can go into cousin's your eye, the elder brother's wife is seen really quite good.Come, cousin, will soon marry for you, I respect you."The Teng green mountain also cans find out a beloved woman but feel happy for oneself's cousin.
"Ha ha ……come, do."
2 people touch a bowl and quaff in one gulp.
"However the green mountain waits through year, my house would go to next hire, as for marry, my dad will settle a nice day with the other party home when the time comes.So, presumably still have a few months."The Teng green tiger says.
"How many months do you still care this?However cousin, this everyday of tiger boxing you also want to hard do and arrived to return a dollar religion this future and thought to be get ahead and depended of but true skill."The Teng green mountain connects to remind a way.
"I understand."The Teng green tiger smiles.
This natural span of life fiesta, the men of Teng surname clansmen drink very happily, after all because there are several strongs that do the strength in inside the clan, also make this several in the last yearses in Chuang in the Teng house, the fame is more and more big.Flank of what Lee Chuangs in the houses, Wang Jia Zhuang, all don't dare to fight with Chuang in the Teng house again as well.
Celebrate the New Year for these several days, all of the clansmens are to in groups get together, enjoy this pleased celebrate.
Teng green mountain home, mother the Yuan orchid and green rain all went out, home left Teng green mountain one person.
"Hua!"Hospital door in the courtyard starts to bolt.
Teng green mountain from sigh to say with smile:"It is a few days ago a year fiesta, prepare various affair.Now like, on the whole easy.Can also formally start the self-discipline 《tiger form magical power 》 ."Is the white Ma Bang, iron mountain to help money of accepting the year first a few days ago, secondly again is the goods that purchase a year etc..
Teng green mountain Be inside the clan first superior, many affairs all want his horse, wait until New Year's Day, he just completely and easily comes down.
"Ji border can Zu teacher, create of this 《 tiger form magical power 》, go to for the my form idea boxing Gao incomparable skill.Previous incarnation of time, the world spiritual influence is thin and diluted to arrive extreme achievement, my self-discipline a not enough[one] month, the body character exactly raises about 1 times.Now then a life time, this world spiritual influence is abundant, don't know, can raise how much!"
Teng green mountain the whole individual keeps to pretty and pretty crouch down.

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