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07.03.2023 02:21
Teng green mountain not from smile Antworten

"H'm."Teng always any, Yuan orchid the husband and wife cautiously listen to the son relating.
The Teng green mountain says:"I feel to get, this white the horse help to help Dou with iron mountain of more and more horrifying, estimate, also quickly have result.I think ……wait these two help the of cent the victory or defeat, the proper city falls calm, Chuang in the Teng house resumes quite.I leave Chuang in the Teng house and join to return a dollar religion!"
"Leave Chuang in the Teng house?"Green rain of the one side is surprised to shout 1.
Is contrary, Teng always any, Yuan orchid husband and wife but not the slightest surprised, 2 people mutually see one eye.
The Teng green mountain just was born in this in this world, have already made a living away from home this world, the knowledge experienced this world superior's viewpoint, otherwise, he is without a break every day of the bitterness fix, again exactly for the sake of what?Let he lifetime, the turtle shrinks on this land in Chuang in the Teng house, the Teng green mountain is afraid is can not stand.
"Green mountain."Teng any always smiled to clap to clap Teng green mountain shoulder, " in fact I and your Niang, early thought of, one day you will mention this affair."
"You 6 years old that year."Teng any always says with smile, " at that time, your grandfather let you got in to return a dollar religion for the dint lord.Even in force you, close you into firewood building.However you didn't want to leave at that time ……in fact I and your Niang, have been being just thinking, a genius son, we were this Chuang son, locked don't live you how long of."
The Yuan orchid of flank also says with smile:"Green mountain, the Niang is very happy, the man has ambition at everywhere, proper city well-known good brave fellow, which be not make a living away from home between the world, rush a prestige?"
"Niang."Teng green mountain but discover, eyes of Niang are getting reder.
"Green mountain, with your real strenght, joining that green lake island is all easy to accomplish.You should also know, that green lake island is one of nine states eight greatest religious sectses.Compare to return a dollar Zong Qiang much."Teng any always says.
Really, the world is nine states, among them Yang state first religious sect'green lake island', is one of nine states eight greatest religious sectses.
But return a dollar religion, although in the Yang state and'iron dress door'combine to call the second, can on nine state the earths, placings want at several.
"Dad."The Teng green mountain says with smile, " after all this returns a dollar religion is to control our river rather county of, my after joining return a dollar religion still living in the river rather county is inshore.And later I can also usually come back to see you!With I the real strenght of the top-grade martial, join to return a dollar religion, think to be necessarily successful in career is not difficult either.When the time comes, also in aid of we Chuang in the Teng house."
Teng always any eyes a bright, a clap Teng green mountain shoulder:"Not the Kui is always my Teng any of good son!"
"H'm, green mountain, an in the last years hereafter see a Niang, Niang very happy."Yuan orchid eyes are suffused with red, " is other time, you work hard well, your own affair, more important."
"Dad, Niang, now I not is haven't walked.Don't wait until a disorderly bureau of proper city to quell, I can not also have peace of mind to return a dollar religion."The Teng green mountain says.
"H'm."Teng any always nods and immediately sees toward oneself's wife, " orchid, the green mountain since decides to be going to return a dollar religion in the future.That ……those say Mei, you don't promise.I am here son, in the future achieve, can far and far isn't that iron mountain to take charge of for those 3s, white Ma Bang Hong's four Yes they can compare.Hereafter the daughter-in-law marrying, that is also Ms. everyone of the meeting piano chess calligraphy and painting."
Teng green mountain not from smile.
He understands Chuang person in the Teng house's viewpoint, can marry an in their eyes, Ms. everyone of the meeting piano chess calligraphy and painting, that is the affair that only believes in to show off Zu.
The Teng green mountain prepares the news he/she wants to leave Chuang in the Teng house, didn't get abroad, also just the clan grow to wait a handful of men to know.Everyone agrees with a Teng green mountain, this decision very much.
The man has ambition at everywhere!
There is the person of skill, so as to go out to make a living away from home.

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