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This is his root Antworten

"Are you all all?"Yang Ke puzzles a way.
The Du Hong depresses an orotund way:"Castellan, we all govern adult he temporarily with our cent way, return him old house."Suddenly, Yang Ke smiles to nod:"Green mountain he is my proper city person, H'm, should go home and see.Like, everyone's walking faster is getting more tired and still hurriedly have a meal, stop for rest.Will fight a horse, hand over to us to go."
"Thank castellan."
Right away 500 non-commissioned officers divide under the unified dispensation four go in the wine shop.
"Heard?Teng green mountain in"Yang Ke glimpses Liu San of body side, " he returned to old house!Could not see a Teng green mountain, you also by the way and those 100 men grow understanding understanding and only have an advantage to have no bad place to you."
"BE."Liu San smiles in response to the way, can heart bottom but some disappointment:"Heard an old younger brother of Teng green mountain to become all generally, have never thought but didn't can see!Want to see a Teng green mountain next time, don't know and wait until when."
The Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger is 2 people, the positive plan horse dashes away, lead of place, the dust floats in the sky.
"Green mountain, you see."Teng green tiger exultation, the Yao points distance.
The Teng green mountain looking at distance, that ambiguously misty Chuang son is exactly Chuang in the Teng house that oneself lived for more than 10 years!
"Finally arrive!Just not enough half year in"the in raptures of Teng green mountain unbearable heart, ", I unexpectedly concern about so a house!"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised, at the same time heart in also contented.Previous incarnation he basically has no house, now then a life time is this Chuang, there are his parents, there is her younger sister, also have already allowed much more his clansmens of concernings.
This is his root!
"We come back!"Teng green tiger from afar and then the excitement shout, " opens the door and opens the door!"
Chuang in the Teng house just as since go toward, live a peaceful and quite day, that two clansmen doubts that guard front door looking at distance speed astonishing two ride.
"Which come of ride a soldier?Ma Ze?Can two."
"Seem to be still to be dressed in heavy A!Even horse up all have heavy A, it is general Ma Ze to be different from."
Watch the clansmens doubt.
At this time-"we come back!Open the door, open the door!"That acquaints with of the voice stream into ear, two clansmens watching are one Zheng, connect careful toward outside seeing go, at the moment fight a horse have already hurtled front door quickly:"This is …… , is a green tiger, also have a green mountain!Open the door quickly."
"The green mountain comes back!"
"The green tiger comes back!"
It is loud and clear but contain the voice of excitement, resound through the whole Wu Chang of doing.
Immediately Chuang in the Teng house does Wu Chang's numerous clansmens and immediately flowed out toward the front door past.
"Ha ha, two uncles!Connect an uncle!"The Teng green mountain jumps down a horse and removes helmet, then and surroundings of the clansmens say "hello".
A big cluster of clansmens all rounding Teng green mountain and Teng green tiger is 2 people.
", The green mountain comes back, Ze Ze, is this heavy AN of the black A soldier?"
"Green tiger, you what horse is this ?All of hair colors are utter darknesses."
It is whole to do Wu Chang's jollification.
"Always any, you son's green mountain come back!"
"Elder sister Lan, green mountain he comes back!"
This shouts a voice to quickly spread the whole Teng Chuang in the house and connect Yuan orchid and green rain that is cooking to cook in the home, a hear this shouts a voice and directly threw down shovel, even ignore meals, flew soon of toward doing Wu Chang Ben.Run on the road to still ask:"Did my house's green mountain really come back?"
Dash away all the way!
When the Yuan orchid and green rain mother female hurtles to do a martial field of time, have already far away seen, that be dressed in red iron weighs AN of Teng green mountain, Teng green mountain a turn a head to also see his/her own mother and younger sister.
"Niang!"Teng green mountain not from shout a way.
Mother'Yuan orchid'O.K., younger sister'green rain'but is hurtle into a Teng green mountain bosom:"Elder brother!"Shouting is a , eyes are getting reder.
"The light rain don't cry, don't cry."The Teng green mountain connects a consolation way.
"H'm, I miss elder brother so much."Green rain faces upward to looking at her elder brother, she since the childhood be doted on in the Teng green mountain under grow up, this suddenly and Teng green mountain's having half year don't meet, she really not habit.

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