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20.03.2023 02:59
Deng Geng faces upward and looking at the lake noodles of the Lin of that lights Lin Antworten

Face upward to see a top surface, once Deng Geng's facial expression change and suddenly stop bottom.
"Is not right!"Deng Geng Huan attends to surroundings, " I expended about a hour in the lake bottom, how didn't see farmland elder them?"Lake bottom also so big, 3 people seek in the lake bottom, pressing the truth will usually run into a cake of.But, Deng Geng remembers, well long-term in the lake bottom, have never run into farmland elder they.
Deng Geng faces upward and looking at the lake noodles of the Lin of that lights Lin.
His facial expression is cold to come down:"See, the circumstance has already changed."Deng Geng immediately pulled out one handle silvery lance, this handle sword is named'silver scale sword', is also one handle rare absolute being soldier.
The Teng green mountain is in the lake coast, waited more than a hours, this color of the sky is also black to come down, hangs for a curved month in the horizon.
The mountain breeze of "shout~~~" summit of hill is violent.
"Ga, Ga-" some not well-known bird of preys are from Gao Kong Fei over, send out unpleasant to hear interjection.The Teng green mountain squats down in the near the bank of lake, the hands take eagle claw gloves in sky, the left and right hands respectively grasps a handle to fly knife, even if etc. a hour, he remains have no the slightest anxious, again wait a few hours, also isn't difficult.
The mountain breeze roars and shouts, the bird of prey Si calls.
Fiercely the "bomb Long Long~~~" abrupt however originally quiet lake noodles explosion gets up, more than ten Zhang breadth of the lake noodles Be whole to all explode to open, water flower blunt sky but rise, the foot is few Zhangs high.
The so many water flower hurtles a sky, can not recognize at all, where hide someone.
"Is not good, this G discovers that someone is incubating."Teng green mountain eyebrows a wrinkly, waited a hour, have been already waited in vain!
Suddenly, that blunt sky of wave lace good luck, a shadow fiercely one Shan flee to arrive coast, on the coast at 1:00, dynasty the Teng green mountain hurtle.
"Hum!"The Teng green mountain right hand flies knife to brush ground to throw to go out!
Left and right hands two handles fly knife, one front an after, once rowed vast sky just like two lightning flashes, while being one Zhang distance apart from that shadow of human figure, the first handle flies knife abrupt however once rowed an arc.
Appear a chain of silvery sword shadows, good waterfalls similar book lead a Teng green mountain of fly knife, listens to'Qiang''Qiang'two continuous, two handles of Teng green mountain flying knife is shaken ground end.But this flies to flee a comer shadow, front blunt of body not from Ga however, even in connect back 2.
Deng Geng looking at at present knife Ba man:"This knife Ba male, fly a strength of knife unexpectedly so strong, shake my hands all have some to become numb."
Deng Geng once sweeps vision that bone Hai chest, eye pupil a shrink:"The small Ding had no!"
"Killing my iron pupil in the dress door is died!"Deng Geng roars 1 and rushes at a Teng green mountain.
"Are you qualified to kill me?"The Teng green mountain sends out thick crazy voice, foot fiercely one Deng, the fierce tiger of the following mountain, also rush at Deng Geng.
2 people are originally apart from however count Zhang far, this is blunt, immediately and then fight.
The silver scale sword is just one Shan and then stab a Teng green mountain at present.The Teng green mountain foot step is vivid, once the right hand flick, once the body turn, listens to the Qiang ground is a , the right hand and that silver scale sword bumps shot together, 'eagle claw in the sky'not the Kui is that the inborn gold Dan is strong the weapon of, the slightest not hurt.
BE bumping shot for an instant, the Teng green mountain is a progress to collapse a boxing!
If the fist opens the arrows of bow, the fist is ex- to follow air be compressed, appear to can see without the aid of instruments of arc-shaped air pressure, the airs all send out a tremor voice, air density occurrence variety, make a Teng green mountain this one punches all become misty.Deng Geng sees a form in the mind a tight, immediately retrogress, the silver scale sword once rowed a curve at the same time.
"Peng!"A burst of explosion forms a substantial high pressure air explosion to open.
Immediately the one flies a sand to walk stone.

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