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Morning exercise on the second day Antworten

"Wait a next time, I return to proper city again, will certainly drink with your fully enjoy of castellan up some kind of."The Teng green mountain says with smile.
"Green mountain old younger brother."A voice after death rings out from Yang Ke."H'm, this voice is ……" Teng green mountain is some to astonishedly after death see go toward Yang Ke, sees come out in Yang Ke after death a group of personses noodles up have knife Ba of middle age man.
"Elder brother Liu San Lao."Show a smiling face on the Teng green mountain face.
"Ha ha, the green mountain old younger brother is at the beginning going to join this black A soldier, I know, green mountain old younger brother your unlimited future.Can I also have never thought, this just half year don't arrive, the green mountain old younger brother was already all all."Immediately the Liu San Ye Pie arrives black A soldier non-commissioned officer of surrounding a great deal of wine shop.
The Teng green mountain smiles an arch hand way:"Castellan, elder brother Liu San Lao is tight today time, wait a next time, I settle to invite well two, that I walked first!"
Follow with eyes at Yang Ke, No. 3 quality Liu a group of personses immediately under, Teng green mountain they all ascended war horse.
"Light rain, grasp steady."Teng green mountain soft-voiced way, immediately and loudly drink a way, " sets out!"
Right away, 500 black A soldiers lead in the Teng green mountain vastly and mightily under left proper city, a city, right away the plan horse dashes away, the black A soldier roars and shouts to rush through into a river rather county with the quickest speed!
When color fainted to get dark on that day, Teng green mountain they just rounded a river rather the eastern city gate of county city, that black A soldier army camp place, lean against the east city gate.Teng green mountain they on going into the city, very quick get into army camp.500 non-commissioned officers also all dismiss, each return to each abode.
Morning exercise on the second day.
The Teng green mountain just appeared a field at the school up, many familiar 100 mens grew good friend, and some all all, all came to offer congratulation.
"Green mountain brothers congratulateses!"
"Green mountain, you are to govern all most youngly, once waited now 10-year half year, hope to get to abdicate generally, we the first get to get generally of position, you have a hope."
"Became all generally, green mountain brothers don't you pay?"
"To, must be good to eat well."
The person, who offers congratulation, has a lot, or sincerely, or hint at irony.A person once occupying Gao Wei, someone worships admiration, will someone envy dark hate, it is a mediocre man to be not hated by person Ji, this words aren't false.The Teng green mountain certainly can't care, never so ……
The Teng green mountain is today a the most tremendous person of the morning exercise, everyone knows that the Teng green mountain became it's all all.
"Is each, tonight, I put Yan in the Lan month building, when the time comes, everyone can get to accept."The Teng green mountain clear voice way immediately and around responds to an one.Teng green mountain in the black A soldier the popularity is quite good, by this time, everyone is happy pay tribute, with this unlimited future of all draw near a relation generally.
"The Tengs are all all!"A black A soldier non-commissioned officer runs to come over, polite way, " generally gets adult have been already made, let all adult generally you accept all all product, residence.All all adult, you need and belong to next walk be."
"Before lead the way."The Teng green mountain holds a transmigration of soul gun and followed this black A soldier non-commissioned officer to leave field in the school.
Arrive at a black A soldier to approach half year, the Teng green mountain still doesn't know to all govern to live where.
"All all adult!This residence is your later abode!Having already swept is clean!And belong to your red blood horse and cold iron heavy A, also in the courtyard.All all adult still invite step snow horse and red iron of your green Zong heavy A ready to, estimate after a while, someone will take back."
The Teng green mountain nods.
"All all adult, these are this residence front door and each set of rooms key."That black A soldier non-commissioned officer passes a key.
The Teng green mountain answers and then opened front door and cautiously strolled.
This residence be at river rather county city, should also calculate up quite good house, have an ex- court, medium court, empress three courtyards in the court, the front of the residence has three houses, and then noodles then the small building of 2 F, up and down add to also have six, the whole house only the room has 9!

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