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27.02.2023 04:26
But make a clear distinction a relation and talk what easy Antworten

"The door of the west is eastward trouble have been already solved.See, is should guard a pass to fasten with Lin Bao Er to make a clear distinction Chu.Otherwise, again keep on entwining like this, it was more and more bother to fear."The leaf autumn in the mind thinks a way.
But make a clear distinction a relation and talk what easy?
Is simply to make Lin Bao Er tell family, say that she didn't like she?See to have to so.
See a leaf don't connect words for autumn, is like understand his in the mind is just thinking what.
Lin Cang Xie claps his shoulder and sighed tone to ask a way:"How about standing up like a forest violet squad?"
So?Leaf autumn the previous consideration want to let leaf's tiger connect his/her own class.
However Lin Cang Xie puts forward now, if oneself answers criticism, will can't let other people's bad impression say that they are too greedy?
Occupy two important positions a while, even if are that Lin Jia's some people are afraid is also some parlance?
Oneself is also the son-in-law who didn't come of Lin Jia Yi, stand up like a forest but Lin Jia particularly train of outstanding talented person.If oneself a but again and again but three of impede the step that he goes forward, willing be disgusting is afraid Be getting worse.
"It is also quite good.My before considering is to let leaf's tiger come up.You put forward to stand up like a forest to take office now, I feel that he is also very suitable."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.The artistic talent of standing up like a forest he still approves of, is taken office violet squad by him isn't a bad matter.
"Leaf's tiger?I know him.Put first.Have advantage to you."Lin Cang Lan says.
"Be greedy for wolf is also use it just."The autumn of the leaf sighs to say.Can not accept to be greedy for the wolf as oneself use, also is really some regret.
Lin Cang Lan's point nods, but have no again talk.A lot of matters aren't what they can make main.
Every power shuffles cards, is all collision and compromise of faction.
Even if from leaf autumn contend for the position of fifth troops captain, who dare to say again absolutely safe?
"The sword is cold, you said beauty to put together wine with you yesterday.Still say that I absolutely could not guess.BE who?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.He chats in the behind with Lin Cang Xie and pour is give° Wang Jian Han to treat coldly.
"Ha ha.If I don't say, you absolutely can not guess."Mention this indeed as expected, Wang Jian Han the all over the face is red light.In three brotherses, Wang Jian Han behaves straightforward simplicity most , leaf the autumn Yin Be soft difficult to measure.But Lin Cang Lan then the plank wear a face all day long, the pleased Nu is difficult to measure.
"I still really can not guess."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"The Guo in the China meeting you know?"Wang Jian Han asks a way.
"Knowing is some."Leaf autumn answer way.Medium the Wang will be that the China is another one big household white house of woman white water heart set sets up of economic allies meeting, almost network all China all success females absorb to become a member.
None of any times wants to despise a woman, especially on the economy.The wealth that these women control touches eyes shocking.It is a very dazzling business organization in recent years.
And, bring up this organization, the leaf autumn thinks of another one personal thing again:The white is soft.
The policewoman that firmly stands by justice spiteful amiability, has a day don't meet.Return be really some think of.
"The Hey Hey is the geneses person who wins a Guo meeting, one of the legend females of the Yan city white water heart invite ours.She knows our eminent family three little together gather Yan of city, have heart to become friends with, especially the idea makes a phone call to invite us to meet."
"It is regrettable.You are accompanying beauty very much in love.Only I went to an appointment with eldest brother.
You don't know"…assist at wine parties of is all unique color beauty.Ze Ze, not only beautiful, return wealth lead hundred million, …if I can steep much more previous good.Hereafter sit to can not eat, just serious Be been by ground, have much of the small white face of prospect."
The autumn of the leaf is interrogative that the ground asks a way:"Eminent family three little?This is what call?"

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