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Just joined the army to come out in a mansion Antworten

Volume 3's starting to stand back to be a person chapter 634 open heart is opposite
Just joined the army to come out in a mansion, Wang Jian Han gathered together to come over, asking of concern way"how?"
"Still calculate to be satisfied with."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.
Although say that the processing to the Yan house is to lightly take to lightly put, actually process this time affairs after, the Yan house keeps on also wanting to be exhaustive dead silent.
Vicissitudes of official life, ups and downs.After, it's leaf's turn the autumn lead of leaf's house stand on the last breeze and towarded stroke in the Yan house to inhibit.
How handle them, will see a leaf the mood of classmate for autumn.
Is positive such as leaf when the autumn just got into a Yan city Yan pleasant breeze to very his attitude is similar, occupied vantage pointed of look down.
The father's hatred case finally can reverse court sentence.And, nation especially the idea sent the skeleton that a squad looks for a father, if find out, will bring back to elaborate.
The father covers up bone other place, this is that the many people is hard to release the affair of bosom.
Lin Cang Lan ordered to nod, result like this early at his anticipate in.Ask a way:"Carry on repair to you?"
"This pours is don't mention.If want what, still needing oneself fight for is afraid."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Yan pleasant breeze's resigning from fifth troops captain is one job, and dint Jian the trump card member of team of fifth troops be greedy for wolf to take office."Lin Cang Xie as if nothing has occurredly says.The shoulder that claps Wang Jian Han signals hint him to drive away car.Their cars are horizontal the big hospital doorway is at the military district, show people to arrive always not so good.
"How to say top?"The autumn of the leaf concerns ground to ask a way.
The autumn of the leaf and was greedy for wolf to once exchange blows, all extremely think greatly of to his artistic skill and the personal characterses.This is a rare superior, if in other special forces.Absolutely is the trump card in the trump card, serve as captain one job very of accommodation.
But, the leaf autumn equally knows, he is the confident of Yan pleasant breeze.
Even if the leaf autumn has results to show whole United States, but involves the business of Yan house, still don't hope to see own opponent be deployed a severe pawn to make elbow oneself.
"The top hasn't unified a hard conclusion.Someone recommended to stand up like a forest."Lin Cang Lan's hands match to together put on the knee and say.
Stand up like a forest?
Ye Qiu remembers this name.At the beginning while competing violet squad captain, he ever and own opponent.End because support of river Yan purple persistence and violet squad member of team finally just defeat him.
Unexpectedly this time he again the station came out.See the talented person who is Lin Jia to relatively think greatly of to him.The time that there is important position every time, all will someone's dint push him to come out to battle out.
"H'm.He is just an individual."The autumn of the leaf doesn't understand the meaning that Lin Cang Xie says this sentence.So unclearly in response to the way.
"Stand up like a forest?Ha ha, I feel two elder brothers pretty suitable.The eldest brother contends for for him."
The face full of smiles ground of Wang Jian Han says.
"How do you think?"Lin Cang Xie's once turning a face to see autumn is toward the leaf.
"If Lin Jia pushes a forest of of words, I feel that he is also very suitable."The autumn of the leaf is some to disobey nature to say.
Lin Cang Lan's view puts in leaf's autumn face up, is like the true viewpoint that wants to recognize him.

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