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Say:"What is the row son?Does the hinterland spread to stir up a face for the person?Just the treasure son wants to beat for me, now you again come on your own initiative volunteer to army.Even if want to train for physical fitness, also not is hasty here momentary.Go, if you would like to of words, come to deal with it for you.Anyway I three year agos once enjoyed, now render up you don't relate to."
West shallow language in the door took aim an eye Lin Bao Er in the distance depress voice to say not:"If the treasure son starts to ask, you say to is what you force and replace me."
Her wanting not is buttonned up by Lin Bao Er up'heavy color light friend'of hat, originally was also Lin Bao Er to put forward first come of, but oneself didn't promise her.
"It is understand."The autumn of the leaf noded and walked over there to the gratitude with unwilling look.
"Gratitude?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
"It is me.Who are you ?"The gratitude up and down beats a leaf autumn to ask a way.Since Zhang Que admitted defeat on one's own initiative, he wants to know the position of this guy.
"The autumn of the leaf."
"The autumn of the leaf?Don't hear."Gratitude despise ground Pie Pie mouth.
"This isn't in the way."Leaf autumn moderate tunnel."However.There is a matter that want with your company measure for a while.
You owe language ground two palms.The meeting is begged for a time for her by me."
Hear the ground of autumn words.Gratitude ground the facial expression become a ground of difficult look.Once turned a face to see westward shallow language in the door.Ask a way:"Does he say that the ground is really?"
"It is a ground.I agree to do so."The west language in the door smiles to nod.
"Do not go."The gratitude indignantly says."I am to make a bet with you.Even if is lose.Should be also punished by you.Don't have some relation with him."
The gratitude knows that the man stirs up face and woman to stir up face land productivity a way naturally differentiation.Drive west shallow language in the door beat a face.Although humiliating more is some.But the strength wants to be lightly up many.Woman land productivity spirit not equal to man of the inborn.But if be not done know by this where to drill out a ground of men stir up a box on the ear can badly now mess.Afraid is the whole faces all want to swell up.
And, he worries to is a west, shallow language in the door is intentionally sought a muscle man to torment himself/herself.
Say again, own face will be who can stir up.He is unqualified.
The leaf autumn hands embrace a boxing and make it lively for ground to say:"Is so difficult to do.I want to stir up, you again would not like to."
"You***BE who?Roll a part for me.I with what make you stir up?Are you what things?"Gratitude to leaf autumn but have no good will.
Of so will fail is beaten by person face, mainly also is because of existence his.Didn't hear that the existence idea of this number person has no to have scruples about again in Hong Kong of scold to open.
The autumn of the leaf insults and humiliates to ignore completely to the gratitude ground and by hand touched touch a nose way:"So, you are is that I humiliate you."
Time of talking, the leaf autumn moved.
In outsider's eyes, he just in brief stepped forward an one step.But don't know what is the row son, stand a while at the in front of gratitude.Want to know that the person is previous but separates the common run of people 45 distances.
Certainly, the on-looker returns no one and discovers this problem.Their views all drive leaf autumn next action draw on.
Stretch hand buttonned up gratitude ground neck.Still the full face was vacant don't respond from oneself the rapid attack that the gratitude that come over lifted.
"Release me.Put-----Open me."The gratitude double feet leave kicking of ground the Teng wear, the voice breaks to continuously and continuously roar a way.More is flounder, the leaf autumn more uses strength son.In a short while effort, his face suppresses purple red.
Leaf autumn one box on the ear stir up on the face of gratitude and say with a smile:"First time."
The anti- hand is again the face that a box on the ear stirs up in the gratitude up, cold say with a smile:"This is the second time."
Two box on the ears finish stiring up an autumn to have no to now stop to put a gratitude down.
"I know that you hate me, affirmation will want to make reprisals.Have never related to wait you.Never make me disappoint.Front two box on the ears are to press for debt for the shallow language, other-----Even if is that I is humiliating you."The facial expressions of leaf autumns all had some Zheng Ning to distort.

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