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The monk adds cloth to pull: when the Wei dragon drove parking lot the gratitude ground lungs all wanted to annoy to be deep-fried.
"Thank an elder brother, I made an effort."The monk careful wing ground walks to the gratitude in front to say.
"Roll.Really he mama's thing."The gratitude look in the eyes,such as knife, stares at him to say.Then walk to inside in the corner to start stiring to make a phone call.
The west language in the door belongs to victor and got an everyone warm applause celebration naturally.
A beautiful woman comes together together the Ji Ji Cha Cha ground chat, let a Mao car field of a lot of male domestic animals big satisfied love affairs
However, their pouring is also tactful.No one dares to come forward to seduce to challenge.
None of them is a simpleton, the getup from these and the cars opening can know these people's position.All of this kind of women are the Wen Gui that takes a sting, pick flowers but want to stab a hand.
The full face of Lin Bao Er excitedly pulls the arm of west shallow language in the door and happily says:"Shallow language elder sister, you are too severe.You are my idol."
West shallow language in the door drive treasure son so of words Kua the ground is very ashamed, say:"Treasure son don't say so.Just the opponent is too weak."
"Be not.Even if to ascend that what car the king's pupil you will also win."Lin Bao Er affirms head in the location very much.
Immediately after once the topic turn, Lin Bao Er says:"Shallow language elder sister, you and can that guy bet not in public stir up his two box on the earses?"
"Yes."West shallow language in the door nods to say.Who let gratitude that bastard is greed, started to move rock to hit his/her own feet now.
"Can you let my help stir up one box on the ear?"Lin Bao Er stares big eyes, the full face expectation ground looking at shallow language in the door of west.
"Lin Bao Er, you roll for me to come over.Can this kind of matter also help?"Tang is indeed as expected in distress situation to this younger sister of he or she, hold her meat of the small face say.
There was Tang Guo's helped to break siege, west shallow language in the door finally need not cope with Lin Bao Er this to let a people difficult problem.Be like want to avoid Lin Bao Er to entwine, she greatly treads to walk to the front of the gratitude ground and says with a smile:"How?Be getting more afraid?Hide in this corner don't dare into?If lose not to rise, don't wager."
"Who lose not to have?Wish wager and then will concede defeat.Isn't two box on the ears?"The gratitude has guilty conscience a ground of cry way.
"Like, not the Kui is Xie Jia Da Dun's young master.Since wish wager to concede defeat, that stands to come over.Trust, similar to three year agos, I can't show consideration."West shallow language in the door Be cold to say with a smile.
The gratitude is stood where one face is difficult, plea for help ground the friends who change direction view after death, they all pretend don't see once turned view.
Although the hard spirit said on the mouth, really need to stand to this woman's in front, be so been by her many people's noodles to stir up two box on the ears and also really make people hard to accept.
See a gratitude stand with embarrassed look where, but would not like to move a son to come over here, west the door is shallow language taunt way:"How?Don't dare to come over?Is this it your wish wager that concede defeat?Is this your Xie Jia's style?Also make people disappoint too much."
"Be.Winning will the other people carry out commitment and lost and then procrastinate to play to depend on.No wonder that Xie Jia Neng's lucky strike."Li Yin Don't mention it helps a chamber way.
"You don't know?Is Xie Jia the way that is done business by this kind of to make money."
Rather give offense to mean person, not good offense woman.Just this a few women all drive gratitude to once scold, the nature can't pass to fight his opportunity now.
Just at this time, the cellular phone of leaf autumn rang.The call shows to is an unfamiliar number.
Is a little bit hesitant, the leaf autumn still kept pressing to connect to listen to key.
"Young master, the Rao gratitude gives Xie Jia some thin noodles once."A old voice spread to come over.
The mind of leaf autumn is one earthquake, icily say:"I ain't what young master.I think that you mistook one for another."
"I didn't mistake one for another.You are a young master."The old man's orotund very adherence.

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