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Wang Bo although the age is getting older,the artistic skill was still.Although the person of both sides was mutually apart from ten several rices, and continuously someone flows to hustle to come over,those run to have no a life sort ground to hurtle a ground of person forward drive he a Zhang push away 1.
Just see have two men at forward blunt Wang Bo a left on rightly running over there to Tang Guo, loudly shout a way:"The thieves seeks dead."
Body front blunt, then a Teng jump, the whole body jumped and trampled the time on the knee at a men and again lent dint and directly jumped in moreover personal shoulder.Then those portraits that jump a life are the pontoon bridges sorts of a liquidities, a the ground is trampled in the behind by him, greatly tread blunt toward Tang Guo pass by.
On the tenth and also discovered on the 11th Gao Gao at last Wang Bo, 2 people match with tacit understanding, one raises a gun dozen head, one lifts a gun to beat a waist, the bullet roars and shouts a dynasty Wang Bo inherit to go, Wang Bo made one 1000 catties fall to, Leng is a carry on the shoulder he is at the guy on the shoulder to trample ground to fall down on the ground.
Two people echo to fall on the ground, surroundings of the person dismay ground Be getting more severe.Someone falls down, someone trampled up, and the river city square in sky of the just still noisy traditional Chinese became hell on earth for an instant.
The bullet of Wang Bo Qiang's inside beat light and saw someone first one-step to close to to Tang Guo, Wang Bo waves handed and then give° the silver system pistoled of specially maded in the hand failed past, the ray of light flash across in silver white, the Pa ground hits on the arm that is going to catch Tang Guo's guy a while.
Wang Bo's capability is deep, this jilts again is cut up rough make moves.All hit to discard for the whole arms on the tenth.
See ten numbers failure on the 11th, know today's task may have no way completion and lift a gun dynasty Tang Guo's head gunning.
Top of the order is such, can not take, that demolishes.Their these people is all exhaustive tools, if can not bring organization a benefits, that can be organized to smash for Nian ground.Since want to die, also want to seek some people to keep company with.
"Don't ."Tang Bu Yi sees a ground of eyes Chi exerting crack.If the words that is possible, he would like to the Qing exert patrimony to change this gun not is aim at his own daughter.
The body that Tang Guo rushes also stopped down, a man who looking at that to raise a gun to aim at oneself's heads.For the first time, her feeling that the death leaves she is thus and thus of near.At nearby, at at present.
Really need to die?And father, treasure son and Mo thick elder sister, also have a leaf to part forever for autumn?
The bullet can't take the other people's consciousness as to transfer, when the other people pray, still kept buttonning up the trigger in the hand on the 11th.That a moment imitated a Buddha to every moment stop jumping up.Tang Guo is shocked behind of release however, but Tang Bu Yi is like a moment old the quite a few is 10 years old, flow in eye socket of is all blood.
A shadow of human figure quick flash across, suicide rush toward to Tang Guo.
The autumn of the leaf and Ran Christmas winter night of once traveled ground unpleasantness, is the identity that is recognized out Ran winter night first, 2 people go into business to rush out in field, was wildly made track for greater half street by the cellophane noodles.Ran the album winter night will sell at New Year, the company has already started to be ex- expecting now of prepare heat.There are many newspaper and magazine tops all being stir-frying to make, rigidity advertisement with light the advertisements all threw in a lot.The Hao Don't mention it says that recently a few months, in addition to the Hui being gorgeous to shine on door and week is quick with the affairs that the Ni earthquake makes a divorce, she is a star that shows off most .
At three in when the Tun roast a street to eat to roast there are two small rascal Ji Yu Rans the beautiful looks winter night, the mouth raises a drama not to say and also runs up to begin to move feet.The autumn of the leaf simply threw for them to go out, have never thought but ask for big bother, they shout that the companion leads a companion, a while recruit come the several tens companion comes over to support a son.
See Ran have never made a phone call to call winter night people's plan, return one face expectation ground the performance that wait him, the leaf autumn has to a fee again a strength son, dismantled a table leg, give°ed those small bludgers to interrupt arm.The nature that finally gets is a Ran a face winter night to infatuate with in addition joss-stick to kiss 1.

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