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She but is hear that man bulky but extending farly breath voice and by hand the gun continuously returns shot ground voice.
This time, Tang Guo badly now thinks of leaf for autumn.
Once met dangerously time, all had him at nearby.That time.Seem oneself not is be like so frightened now.
Not only not frightened, also will be most dangerously and every moment going to secretly conjecture his facial expression, he return shot of strength, he ground eyes, his eyebrow, also have him near at very short distancely lips.The action that knows that that man does while attackstoning and avoiding being seen in the sky is what natural and unrestrained and charming.Sometimes Tang Guo even thinks, oneself is like a spoony generally fancies him, be because he can bring he a sense of security like father.
If oneself died here today and wasn't cheapness other women?
Thought of this possibility, begging of Tang Guo livings desire to suddenly become a ground of matchless mightiness.
"Treasure son.Tense my hand.Foolish meeting son we run together."Tang Guo loudly shouts a way.
"Good.But----Tang Tang's elder sister, my bottom seemed to hit by bullet."Lin Bao Er was painfully some voice to spread to come over.Very difficult imagination, Lin Bao Er after hitting by bullet didn't faint, even didn't cry.
"Treasure son, you are all right?"Tang Guo is worried that the ground shouts a way.
"I ain't painful.Tang Tang's elder sister.Leaf's elder brother Qiu says.As long as I can endurance ground the residence contain a ground of pang, I can become female Xia."
The autumn of the leaf.It is the leaf's autumn again.Tang Guo suddenly feels that eyes are getting moister.
When oneself needs him most , where is he ?
It is all screech everywhere.The crowd still keeps being continuing to evacuate, the police car around patroling pulled to ring a whistle.Gun voice your work, Tang Bu Yi brings a ground of bodyguard and the person that those intention kidnap to beat into one regiment, just a square at clear, the one party conceals in the crowd to fire sniper's shots, although all of Tang Bu Yi's bodyguards is 100 in pick a, the artistic skill is outstanding, at this kind of disadvantage in already under the square situation, also only continuously sacrifice a decreasing.
Tang Guo hears bullet the side once wore from the he or she's ear of voice.That strength that presses on oneself suddenly weighed again a lot of.She knows that another bodyguard hit by bullet for the sake of oneself of protection.
Is proper she at despairing of time, the weight on the body suddenly eases again.One is hoarsely orotund to loudly shout a way:"Run quickly.Go toward a person much place to run."
Tang Guo doesn't know from where come to so big energy, diligently push away that even if already didn't the breath still use his/her own body responsiblely guards own bodyguard corpse and below drags along out from another person's body Lin Bao Er, then two people strongly run over there to person's many places.
Tang Guo uses remaining of canthus to only see, one is handsome but the man of determination, the whole body is a blood, there is quite a few bullet wound on the body.But with a kind of definitely the hopeless situation carriage stood out and stood erect body and strongly launched an attack to the surroundings.
The man's gunning Ga however, the between the eyebrows is many a redly simply ordering just for an instant, constantly from the between the eyebrows exudation blood, be like want and turn round the person whom the head sees his/her own protection and have a safety to be out of the woods, the body diligently wants to move, but self-effacing pour on the ground.
"Quick protection young lady."Wang Bo Yi that is frightenned ground by the gun voice to have no a soul to scream a dynasty he blunt come over of the man push away.In a row a few intelligent feet methods move out of the way like the crowd of tidewater.It is rapid to cover to pass by to Tang Guo.
Tang Guo hears Wang Bo's voice, hurriedly trail a quilt of bottom to play to clean rifle don't know to harm as well what appearance of Lin Bao Er to Wang Bo there rush through pass by.
"The tenth.The 11th.Rob a person."A man who wears a mask loudly shouts a way.
Two black dress men a left a rightly to Tang Guo Yan past, want when she closes to Wang Bo to block down.Although they win is gaining the initiative by striking first, and the movements is again enough concealment, but the bodyguard real strenght of Tang Jia Di isn't vulgar, look like to be a veteran warrior of soldier ground, and again fierce stand in no fear of dead, several individuals even in all aspects they want to hurtle to come over of time, block a gun with own body, it is a dozen of grounds to pour they caught unprepared.
Originally thinking can quickly take a person to leave, also drive they to procrastinate.If the words that make them remit to match again, tonight's plan thoroughly failed.Don't can take a person,

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