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The Yan flew to finally launch oneself excels most of unmanned machine guided missile attack, the Yan flies of guided missile attack the directions is very ingenuous, he didn't let these guided missiles target a certain warship, but let their flight track apparently so but actually not, then be like is attackstoning A warship, also be like is attackstoning B warship, people don't dare to make sure the attack target of the guided missile.By so doing, all warships discover their oneself's insecurities, because they all have enough reason to believe these guided missiles to finally will attackstone himself/herself.
So for the sake of own safety wear think, all attackstone in the guided missile the rice soldier warship of route at don't get the circumstance of the sail mother's order of Bush under beginning backstroke.Just for an instant, it are the antiair guided missiles that trails orange and red tail Yan to is all of places in the sky of utter darkness is quickly flying.After in the center conductor and data that lose a sail mother of Bush share, these warships basically don't believe allied troops, they all at depend on to depend on oneself to carry on anti- lead a battle.So they shot a great deal of antiair guided missile, the purpose was to will probably assault to ownly strike guided missile all shots to ruin.
The rice soldier warship is respectively a war, each warship ruined to strike guided missiles to all shoot for the sake of the shot in great quantities anti- lead guided missile.Just very short time, it are rices soldier to shoot to is all of places in the sky of anti- lead guided missile, these even covered up the whole skies all.
Rice soldier warship the first backstroke is very violent, so though those strike guided missile to stick sea flight, and the angle is very wily, but still keep hiding however the amount is huge anti- to lead intercepting of guided missile.Just for an instant, on the sea surface continuously appear a running out of of explosion, strike guided missile drive anti- all shots leading guided missile ruin.But haven't waited these forecastle commanding officers loose one breath, 30 guided missiles of same types again from the sky but decline, stick sea surface to fly to come over to them.
The rice army warship commanding officer is original the spirit is nervous, they too late think carefully and again issue order that shooting is anti- to lead the order of guided missile.However striking the amount of guided missiles this time is more, wait until them the radar target of strike all of the guided missiles and after carrying on counter-attack just discover warship up of anti- leads weapon already disheveled hair shoot a to get empty ……
The Yan flies the second guided missile attack compare the first more violent, however rice soldier shoot of anti- the amount leading guided missile correspond also more.In the night sky of utter darkness, there is continuously an anti- rice soldier leading guided missile to shoot to strike guided missile, then taking place fieriness exploding output light of fire.The amount of rice soldier is huge anti- to lead guided missile to constitute the net of airtight no air goes through death, in the future inherit a guided missile net at in the network, a don't pass as well.However this in the center also some accident happened, that be under the intercepting of intensive thermodynamic power, still have a struck guided missile to break a rice soldier of intercept, shot rice soldier warship.
But everyone right away discover not to, because the power of this guided missile isn't very strong.Although it broked through a forecastle warship body and had explosion in the warship body inner part,basically didn't result in to lose too greatly, its performance was like a little bit more severe of wear A to play.
After discovering to strike guided missile and incredibly is power to small and weakly wear A to play, breath a sigh of relief in all commanding officer hearts on the warships.Then they thoughted of it's more and had bad omen to prepare feeling right away.At this time, the of warship hopes a member and discovers again appearing ten guided missiles that trail tail Yan in the sky.However these ten guided missiles belonged to concealed body guided missile, didn't appear on their radar screens.If not is to depend on the person's eyes, basically the detection was not.
The rice soldier commanding officer realizes right away before oneself fell into trap, those two guided missiles the attack is just an enemy at sound out a sail the mother fight the thermodynamic power of cluster to distribute, and consume own anti- guided missile of leading.After the purpose that reaches to consume ammunition now, the enemy finally launched a real attack, ten guided missiles this time are deadly blows.
Fact also and these rice soldier warship commanding officers think about, the Yan flies before emissive of just strengthen the ag-114 of version anti-tank guided missile.The airspeed of this kind of guided missile is very quick, but its attack isn't and far apart from, weight also only 100 kilograms.Even if the rice soldier isn't carries on counter-attacking a battle, also having no a few guided missiles can attackstone a rice soldier warship, even if shot, can not also result in to these warships what injury.But the rice soldier is before placed in disorder in, their in the mind doesn't have sense of security, a discover to strike guided missile to use with all strength, result drive living consume in great quantities anti- lead guided missile.
In before two guided missile attacks, the Yan flies totally shoot 45 ag-114 anti-tank guided missile, shoot of ammunition total weight just only 45 tons, also don't arrive 1/20 of unmanned machine total bombload.But is this to twice sound out sexual aggression, not only consumed the rice soldier weapon up have already worked well to fight to prepare of anti- lead guided missile, also sounded out the thermodynamic power of rice soldier to distribute and let the Yan fly to have bottom spirit more in the heart.
The Yan that completely controled rice soldier weakness flies to again shoot guided missile right away, however he what this shoot is to have strong kill a concealed body of the ag-129 of harming the dint of cruise missile, this kind of ag-129 being a kind of mysterious explosive of concealed body cruise missile use, the power is strong, suitable to use to the sea warship of destroying the rice soldier fastness most , this is the Yan to fly real cutthroat Mao.
The radar of rice soldier warship can not target to strike at all of ten ag-129 concealed body cruise missile, and because they the previous wave shoot and make have already equiped good anti- lead guided missile be consumed almost exhausted.Want will anti- lead weapon afresh the gearing get to blast-off up, need to be very long a period of time.So waiting until Yan to fly the third guided missile will soon come of time, the rice soldier embarrassedly discovers, oneself has already lost to counter-attack ability.
After discovering that the form is far from good, these rice soldier battleship subconsciouses wants to close to mutually and depends on an intensive the set that is near to defend cannon respectively installing to set up a bitter end antiair net, the shot ruins to close to of guided missile.However after losing the conductor of sail mother of Bush, plus sea surface one utter darkness, these alone battleship wants to quickly re- constitute an antiair battle a type basically impossible.But the transformation of position on the contrary make them some flurried, almost each other hit together.
But at this time, ten ag-129s in the sky the concealed body cruise missile quickly fly and have already arrived at the rice soldier battleship neighborhood.In the detection can not the set set up unite antiair net after, rice soldier can be a war and make use of person's eye to operate an intensive near defend cannon to open fire with all strength, attempt shot to ruin to strike of invisible guided missile.The luck of rice soldier doesn't calculate as well very bad, try one's luck a general attack at them in, incredibly and really stick the ag-129 concealed body cruise missile that the sea flies of one to ruin for shot.
However the good luck of rice soldier also stopped here, the other ag-129 concealed body cruise missile got into the intensive thermodynamic power that is near to defend cannon blind area while lending support to the precise control of Zhi brain, from water line part to respectively of the attack target launched a wild attack.
First what to suffer an attack is a lifting of rice soldier Comte Luo add class cruiser, an ag-129 concealed body cruise missile the place shoot its water line part from the warship head.See its warship body suddenly an earthquake, then take place violent explosion, the warship body closes to surface part to appear a huge hole.
The immediately after moreover two ag-129s concealed body cruise missile drills from this hole into lift Comte Luo add class cruiser inner part, then have astounding massive explosion.This massive explosion set off to lift Comte Luo add a great deal of ammunition that the class cruiser takes and is deep-fried the whole battleship to become two, and quickly descend to sink.
Just two minute time, this displacement the more than 10,000 tons strong rice soldier sea battleship disappeared from the sea surface and left a huge whirlpool on the sea surface.On the sea surface warship body wreckage combustion of the light of fire shine in glory bottom, can see whirlpool inside still have the rice country that in great quantities jumps into sea to flee for life navy's soldier is trying very hard to a flounder.

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