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satellite ability Antworten

The Yan flies not knowing BE, the aircraft carrier combats of Bush of underneath are early in confusion.Because they just discovered, the commanding center of oneself and rear's losing contact , no matter it was satellite or wireless, all had already canned not contact the last behind of commanding center.And the always very convenient satellite navigated to also lose to used to, basically could not search them current position.If isn't that their confirming their they is being placed in 100 Mu big triangle waters, they will doubt that they have already got lost.
This circumstance that loses to contact a way is what the rice country navy's fleet has never met, this makes them some to frighten into inaction.If this circumstance can not also be alleviated, the sail mother of Bush fights cluster to lose the fighting strength of great majority.Because there is no satellite signal and support of the data, their even connecting a warship to carry machines can not put to fly and say nothing of to develop power of big parts of weapons.
But they don't know of BE, result in the chief criminal of all these's being hiding fore noodles 25000 meter high empty bank of clouds in, it is the above of the quantum radar have already targeted nether sail mother's combatses, the weapon has been already taken seat, will soon launch unmanned machine to divide time the first-time attack to the modern sail mother.
The Yan flies to on TV release at the time that war denounced, the rice country satellite system hadn't been destroyed, so the sail mother of the whole Bush fought cluster to also know the news that vigorously explodes.Immediately after the Pentagon sends out an early warning at the rice soldier troops of the whole world to the deployment, they carefully guard against dreamlike island and Yan to fly to they launch of suddenly assault.
The sail mother of Bush fights cluster to the early warning that comes from a Pentagon very value, hence the sail mother fights the tallest commanding officer of cluster to convene a video frequency military meeting right away and discusses how to avoid suffering the attack that dreamlike island and Yan fly together.The previous rice country's government has already carried on an intelligence report notification, everyone knows that the station is in the Yan to fly after death of the destruction have a terrible fighter jet, this fighter jet is omnipotent, their this sail mother's combatses is not an opponent either.
Return to a sail from the bottom of sea square the mother's Tang Seng gets there of the intelligence report can know, the Yan flies now at 100 Mu big triangle waters, but among the missing.If the Yan flies associately that fighter jet of demolishing attack rice soldier troops, it be very likely to be to fly the sail mother's combatses of Bush of neighborhood so in the Yan the first target that suffers an attack.
Who also what to have never thought BE, the Yan flies of action such of quick, just released war declaration, destroyed the rice country satellite system within outer space right away, discarded rice country more than half forces.Deliver while having no the satellite in the space to carry on a data actually, sail mother of Bush's fighting the military meeting of cluster even has never finished opening and then been forced to break off, because there are already no network and communication.
After losing and escorting forecastle contact, the in command of department of aircraft carrier Bush thinks a way right away and prepares to make use of radio communication and this warship in the escorting of waters to carry on contact.However the rice country abandons radio communication very long period of time already, although the warship also has some wireless equipmentses on board,they want to re- start these ancient equipmentses and need to be very long a period of time to just go.
Lose and the contact of conductor department after, Bush sail mother warship in the escorting of neighborhood for some flusters, they urgently want to get Bush a sail mother the order of the top commanding center, but the reality doesn't basically and impossibly contact in the in a short time up.Hence someone thoughted of an ancient flag signal operation.Regrettable now is the night in local time is many at 9:00, on the sea surface pitch dark one, even if everyone will the flag signal carry on exchanges, it is can hardly for momentary to also make the information flowing freely.
After the satellite system of rice country was destroyed, have been becoming accustomed to the rice soldier of information data advantage a while Meng, fall into extreme disorder.Sail mother of Bush's fighting cluster to destine in the in a short time can not resume communication, their fighting strengths are before descending half of foundations up again descended a half.
The time that is previous, the sail mother of Bush put to fly a big wasp fighter jet of two ef fa-18s, these two ef fa-18 what big wasp fighter jet carry out is a nighttime to fly a task.They are located in Bush now sail mother combat east 300 kilometers outside of waters, after losing satellite and navigating ability and communication ability, plusing now is dead hour, these two navy's warships carried machine to lose sense of direction a while, doing not know should go toward what direction flight.
These two ef fa-18 the big wasp fighter jet take of the fuel is limited, the root isn't enough to prop up them to fly too long pull.If Bush sail mother can not in short time inside the contact ascend these two warships to carry machine, one of their end is fuel exhaustion but crash ……
Fight a group of effort start old old wireless equipments at the sail mother of Bush, time want to resume a mutual communication, one great stock market investor the strange motion suddenly condescend to come and cover with just in-between aircraft carrier Bush at in.Just for an instant, all of all electronics equipmentses of aircraft carrier Bush put out action, sail mother radar ascend whole is a snowflake, all communication machines can not use, every and electronics the related equipments is all out of order.
Originally after relieving a rice country satellite ability, the Yan flew to finally start unmanned machine dividing time the first-time attack to the rice sail mother of country.For ensuring own attack smoothly progress, the Yan flies of the square one is to initiate the quantum radar electromagnetism interference ability that the unmanned machine divides time, the this electromagnetism interference ability is very strong, can the electronics system of interference target, let them all out of order under the sistuation that don't damage.
The this radar electromagnetism interference ability is the airplane that the Yan flies to before use to deal with scheme to close to a dreamlike island to at the sea forbid area, let they have to turn around the secret weapon of returning the sail, under the function of this function, a great deal of of the aircraft Be forced to turn around, don't dare to close to haven't constucted a finished dreamlike island at that time.But this interference ability contains the biggest weakness, that is it can do to use on the list body and belong to a list body attack, a can attackstone a target, half hour after just can change the next target interference.
However even if is so, the Yan flies to depend on this electromagnetism interference ability to also reach his/her own strategic purpose.This sail mother's fighting the core of cluster is an aircraft carrier Bush, the quantum radar electromagnetism interference ability of the unmanned machine successfully shielded Bush outward in command of ability, plused to lose the information of satellite in the space to deliver and position ability, the sail mother's combatses that is originally strong to the extremity on the sea surfaces have already respectively become for the war, any further can not develop unite the advantage of battle.Compared with the peak fighting strength, their current fighting strength even the quarter of not enough peak period.
At this time, at under the technical personnel's effort, the sail mother of Bush fought other warships of cluster to finally start radio communication and carried out the basic communication of mutual.However sail mother of Bush drive unmanned machine complete interference, it top of the electronics equipments is all out of order, the nature can not contact with other warships up.The news that didn't get a sail mother of Bush, other all warship in the minds have no bottom, don't know commanding center how!
But at this time, suddenly appear ten weak lights to order in the utter darkness night sky of 2000 meters, these only order as if female in the sky spread a flower generally from the sky but decline, is willing soon fly into the time of ocean suddenly change to fly a track, the escorting of facing sea surface warship flies.
In addition to sail mother of the most in-between Bush, the radar on other warships wasn't broken.While only ordering to just appear, these were fished for by the forecastle radar, knew that these are the guided missile that the other people shot.But because the unmanned machine divides time of radar invisible ability, who don't also discover the existence that unmanned machine divides time.

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