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The leaf autumn point nods and in earnest says:"I have been thinking to say sorry to you, but feel these three words really too insignificant."
Put cup on the tea side-table, the leaf autumn walks to the cloth cloth to nearby sit down, stretch hand to lightly daut her lower ear lobe and say:"It is very beautiful."
The cloth cloth is to don't wear jewel at ordinary times, but now ear top but have the C earring of one dialogue gold.Style easily, but shape Gao of the cloth cloth, qualities good, wear to have much of the woman the flavor.
Cloth cloth ground the body is stiff, increase heart beats, the voice,such as mosquito, hums, way:"Is the grandpa in the top."
Cloth master son's holding a ring of leaf autumn is holding the most precious baby and gingerly put at develop slot in, then once turned round to close the door of laboratory strict solid.For the sake of this experiment, he prepared already for a long time.
From the cupboard in take out one to recruit soul Fan, this kind of recruits soul Fan and common of dissimilarity.Other's recruiting all of soul fans is what person die hang in the treetop to recruit a soul to use on that days, the funeral ends after meeting Gu zero zero grounds be hanged where, no longer recall.Until the rains and winds float zero, is blewed away by the breeze or drive rain is to the drenching.
This kind of thing is a time.
But the cloth master son use of this recruit soul Fan but is a sorcery teacher at the grave field crematories all the Yin annoy prosperous ground of soak for 77419 days but become, in absorb various ghost ghost spirit, can touch with spiritual.
Certainly, these words are an and the cloth master son fond of each other of take a ghost sorcery teacher to say.This soul Fan is also what cloth master's son uses from Excuse me in the his hand.
Cloth master son for studying the problem that this object touches with spiritual, especially the idea visited many Taoist priest sorceries teacher even some mutually the special person like the teacher.Among them many people really is have true material solid scholarship, they perform of some things basically can not inference with science or academic theories.
Take village to infect by tainted air most generally to say, if someone in the home without cause and suddenly the disease is heavy, then the family will take one empty bowl of, inside prosperous half bowl water, again seek two chopsticks do prop, simultaneously toward chopsticks sprinkle water simultaneously say should arrive which you stand, and one by one in order speak some died and have connection a ground of person name with home.Wait until to say while winning that person's thing, the chopsticks then will really stand.
Although this kind of parlance is said into superstition not scientific of, always have the supporter of a group of firmnesses as for thing that spread down for 1,100 years.Letter have.Not letter have no.Want to see oneself how to comprehend.
When cloth master son tested last time, have already realized to bite a soul ring that the ground is special.Make use of methods, such as high pressure and heat...etc. when the external couples rings brings pressure, it will naturally absorb outside energy.
Since it is so, that takes to equally have the recruiting of dint of work properly soul Fan to let it to absorb.Or, let to recruit the soul Fan give° it to absorb.
Two big Dou methods that work properly a machine, who win who hurt doesn't matter, can prove the academic standpoints of cloth master son.
Afraid that they didn't respond.
Put with recruit soul Fan respectively the ring in the different development slot, in the center use a piping mutually.Seal completely.Then start high pressure oppression.
Just started the data of instrument having no variety, the energies in two development slot all kept an original data.Explain these the anti- high pressure ability is all very violent, the pressure like this can not change their structures in the inner part.Or, can not let they start counter-attacking.
When the pressure arrives 1,600 Vs, the energy data in two development slot starts changing.Recruit the energy in the soul Fan at gradually decrease, but ring location that energy in the development slot at continuously increment.
It is very obvious.Recruit soul Fan inside ground the energy be just absorbed by the ring.
And, continue to increase along with the temperature.The energy converts also more and more quick.Recruit original that gloomy chill of soul debt to imitate a Buddha to float the surface of 1 F gloomy ray of light at continuously variety.The color is more and more white, more and more white, end, become gradually transparent.
The cloth master son excitedly dances and stamps, the eye emits naked, a face smiles dog tail flower.

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