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one to praise highly a voice Antworten

He Niang ground."Teng green Hao one bone Lu climb, scold a way, " green tiger you are this boy, know that your energy is big, one day wants to exceed me.But, you must give your elder brother some face.Lead today, you also just 12 years old, so small, exceed I.See come after, I had no an opportunity to win you."
Teng green tiger Hey Hey a smile.
At by this time, the distance spreads a clan long'Teng cloud dragon'of voice.
"Each clansmen all comes over!"
Everywhere trip and fall down wrestle immediately, the clansmens having a competition to shoot arrow all came together toward the center in the past, soon, more than 2,000 number person inside the gathering of 3 F outside 3 F is together.But at public come together the center of open spaces inside of circle, clan long Teng cloud Long Man blush with shame light, loudly way:"I Chuang in the Teng house, the population is many more, the generation man is stronger than man of generation!Ha ha ……each good brave fellow inside my clan is come over from the kid, everyone should also know, now the stem what of."
The owners all clamor.
"Green mountain!"Father Teng always any and mother the Yuan orchid all see toward the Teng green mountain, Teng always any, " you are greatly so long, your old dad didn't have any request to you, now then sky, you can struggle for honor.Remember, the honor of he-man, depend on oneself hands to work hard!"
"Know, father."The Teng green mountain formally nods.
He is understand, in Chuang in the Teng house, even the clan grows of position, all is who severe who inherit.The whichever person is good to arrive respect, have to depend on oneself of real strenght!
"Now, all 6-year-old boys, all get to the center."Teng cloud clear voice dragon's way.
Say to is 6 years old, actually, these kids just calculate 6 years old till tomorrow.However differ for a day just, because the year fiesta is today, affair nature also for a day, solution drops.
"The dad believes you."Teng any always towards a Teng green mountain to peep out one silk smiling face.
"Elder brother."Teng green rain at mother Yuan orchid bosom, stare heavy eyes to looking at a Teng green mountain, the Shu wears a small fist, " you are the strongest!"
Once the Teng green mountain smile, and then in the crowd, dynasty the center walks to, the clansmens all aware of self to let a kid dynasty the center walk.There are fully more than 2,000 persons in the whole Teng Chuang in the house, but and the Teng green mountain boy's foot from the same age have 55, these children's a the all polite station is in the central big inside of circle.
Clan once long Teng cloud dragon see the color of the sky, the color of the sky has been dusk.
"Light fire!"Teng cloud clear voice dragon's way.
Immediately there is clansmen, will do Wu Chang's surrounding a torch to start to order, make surroundings brighter.
"Children, you all listen to."Teng cloud dragon sees toward 56 children, " you a come and walk to go to that direction, there from ten catties of rocks, arrive 1,000 catties of megaliths, all have.You can raise how much catty, raise how much catty.Raise an overdo crest, even if is successful."
"The first, Teng green Ling !"It takes a list in Teng cloud Long Shou.
Immediately the surrounding one is silent.
For Teng surname one clan man but speech, 6-year-old investigate, and 16-year-old adult's gift is two matters that grow up the most important period.Is 6-year-old to investigate, can already guess, kid the achievement in the future.
Owner, especially the kid's father and mother, all the strain looking at oneself's son.
"Teng green Ling , raise 15 catties!Is next, Teng green Ze."
"Teng green Ze, raise 10 catties!Is next, Teng Hong!"
A kid continues to try, whenever the children raise weigh 1:00, the surroundings is an one to praise highly a voice, the kid's father and mother is thousand times happy.
"6-year-old kid generally can raise 10 catties, 20 catties of weights."The Teng green mountain feels deeply about a , the body character of the common run of people, really compare the common run of people body character of oneself previous incarnation world to want a lot of strong, " cans raise 30 catties, is getting more fierce.My dad was 6 years old, raised 50 catties, the strongest in those early years.But cousin green tiger, raise 60 catties more."
The Teng green mountain inwardly feels deeply about.
"Drink!"The fat boy of a circle head circle brain at a stretch raises 40 catties of rocks.
"Teng green river, ha ha, very good, 40 catty, now the best a!"The clan long Teng cloud dragon smiles a way.

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